Friday, February 5, 2010

Fern Avenue School Then and Now

Fern Avenue Public School was built in 1894.
My Father attended this school in the early 1940's.
Photo courtesy of Chuckman's Postcard Collection
The school as it stands today. The west tower and cupola are gone as well as
the central chimney and much of the ornamental decoration.
A voting card from 1913 courtesy of Chuckman's Postcard Collection.

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  1. I went there from the late 50's till 65.
    And don't forget the add ons 1 in 1951 fern
    side and 1 in the 60's. Can't remember how many houses they tore down on the wright ave side in the 50's to make the school yard bigger.Don't forget it had a indoor swimming pool in the 50's And a very scary dentist on the 3rd floor