Saturday, February 6, 2010

Queen and MacDonnel/Then and Now

An early postcard of Queen Street looking east from MacDonnel.
This photo could be as early as 1893 the year the Queen line
was converted to electricity.
The same view today. It's too bad that the awnings are all gone.
Stores on the north side are on the "sunny side of
the street". For a number of years I lived in the building with the red spire roof.


  1. Greg - What's the history of this place ?
    Do you know what it was ?
    The windows look 'church' like or ?

  2. As far as I know It's always been commercial/residential. In fact the upper apartment to the left has been abandoned since the 1940's.The apartment (although disintegrating) covers the two top floors and was obviously quite grand it it's day. We used to sneak in for Halloween tours. There's a grand foyer and staircase still intact.