Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bassel's Restaurant/Yonge and Gerrard

Bassel's matchbooks courtesy of the Chuckman Collection. The sort of thing most people would throw away but thankfully someone cares enough to collect this ephemera.

Like the Silver Rail at Yonge and Shuter, Bassel's was another bar on the strip that is sadly missed. Here's a collection of photos over the years. Originally Bassel's Lunch it evolved into Bassel's Restaurant and Tavern and lasted until at least 1977 (the first time I visited).

The menu.

A postcard from the early 1960's


One last shot looking south down Yonge in front of the Coronet Theatre from the late 1970's.



  1. C.B.C. had their admin. offices upstairs where I went for an interview for my first job in Canada as a stagehand.
    A popular restaurant of Toronto "rounders."

  2. All of the stagehands from Massey Hall used to hang out the Silver Rail.

  3. Perhaps you could describe who a "rounder" is...

  4. Basel's was particularly popular Saturday night after the hockey game at Maple Leaf Gardens. The place was packed even before the game was over.
    Perhaps a reason for that was that the bar closed at 11:30 Saturdays!

  5. I was only there once in the late 70's and the waitress spilled hot coffee all over the girl I was with..

  6. I have a beer mat from when I used to go there in the 1960's

  7. Used to go there often, in the late 60s and early 70s. Was working around the corner at Ryerson Theatre. The fresh orange juice, large, was served in a soda glass, for a dollar. And the omelets were terrific. Great place.

  8. In 1962 - after work (Racey McCallum, Charles Street)
    it was a must, to go to Bassel´s. My favorite drink:
    gin gimlet. Yes, it was a great place. Returned in 1968
    to Germany, Bavaria and still thinking of good old times.

  9. Fond memories of Bassel's .Will be having tea with my 100 year old grandmother (Nan) tomorrow who use to manage Bassels Restaurant.

    1. My mom and granddad both worked there for years. Great place and the Bassels were great people.

    2. I have to Doris your Nan's name?

  10. I have to comment on the Chuckman Collection. I wonder how much is actually physically his. I do credit him with creating a vast digital archive. However there are unique photos in my collection that I purchased online which ended up on his site 2 days later.