Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yonge and Dundas/The Brown Derby

A vintage postcard of the long gone Brown Derby from the Chuckman Collection.
The Brown Derby, located on the N/E corner of Yonge and Dundas was open from 1949 until 1974.
The 1960's, Photo by R. Hill

Sometime in the late 1950's

In the 1970's the exterior had a "mod" face lift.
Another good shot from the 1970's. This is by Surfheart.
By the 1980's it's become a Mr. Submarine.
A Brown Derby matchbook from Chuckman's Collection.


  1. When I was a teenager traveling from Ville de Lery Que near Bauharnois Que to Hamilton Ontario, some very superfine times were spent at the Brown Derby absorbing fine R&B with GREAT jazz organ, guitar and skilled drummer percussion guys. TG

  2. I remember the bar with the very long rows of hanging glasses. Enjoyed a few nights there in 1970.

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  4. December 4th 2016
    ya I used to hang at bar stool along side dundas street when age 20 to 21 at derby to have a curbside beer and listen ti the thtwo brothers play guitars and the melquainia guitar dual.
    I was an insurance clerk then for royal insurance. evenings were spent at the Le Coqdor watching Ronnie Hawkins brag about his kiddy and drover her far Cadilac he boufgt from Addison on Bay St. Other evenings were spent at the Saphire Tavern where Jackie Shane would pulse out my favourite song of his "I would,nt have it any other way". Then at that time there was little gun play 1963-1967 in Toronto. although there was gunfire at the Town Tavern about that time no injuries. Was Donald Trump involved " I often wonder as he was in town.
    Big money lawyers and stock brokers drank at the more sophisticated Saverin on Bay St. North of Adelaide eand believe me this was the most productive lounge semi nightclub to meet and date .
    One favourite entertainer to see here regularly was a guy with a kane wo previously had polio Ray somebody
    I,'' get back to you later ..

    David Earl Henderson Toronto ontario

  5. The Toronto Mafia hung out there and set up illegal gambling in the back rooms. My father was working for the mob used to set up those card games. Unfortunately he met hid demise at the hands of the Montreal mob in the fall of 1960.

  6. Took nice girl out 1971 Father Joe King with his brother the show at the Derby the Zaniacs all seemed very cool with all the rounders etc