Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cloverdale Mall/Then and Now

When Cloverdale Mall (in Etobicoke) was built in the late 1950's it was really a plaza, the inner courtyard was open. After the opening of Sherway Gardens in 1971 the popularity of Cloverdale began to decline until it was decided to revamp the plaza and enclose it.
Cloverdale was built on farmland that had originally been known as Eatonville, purchased by The Eaton family to provide milk and cream for their department stores.
Cloverdale in the early 1960's.
The same view today.
There was a concrete sculpture/slide at the south end that provided hours of fun for the kids while our parents shopped. Who's the girl in the mini skirt? She's got the perfect late 1960's look. If you click on this image
you'll find an original Big Boy statue in the top left corner.
Looking south towards the slide. One of those kids could easily be me.....
The same view today.
The Dominion Store in the late 1950's.
Before the north end of the mall was a Zellers it was a Hudson's bay store and before that it was Morgan's.


  1. There is not much known about cloverdale mall and I was so pleased to see your post. My father built this mall, he may have had partners, I was too young to remember. I have many fond memories of this place, especially the delicious meat pies we would get there. I recently moved to the west end of Toronto and drove by cloverdale the other day for the first time since my childhood. Thanks so much for this blog and the great pictures.

  2. Thanks for the info and kind comments.
    I spent a lot of time at Cloverdale in the mid-late 60's as it was close to our house.

  3. This was great! I grew up just east of the Mall, and worked at Milwaukee Sporting Goods - owned by Tony Polito and later his son John. Had many a good time in that store, and provided good job while I attended Burnhamthorpe Collegiate in the 70's. I will always remember the outdoor mall, and the annual 'sidewalk sale' rain or shine!



  4. when was the lower level exist?

  5. Hey thanks for posting! I spent untold hours on the concrete play thing while my mom shopped. It looks so small in the pictures, it was enormous to me.

  6. it was so nostalgic to come across these pics! We lived down the street and I remember so vividly going to Morgan's as a child on Thursday nights and eating at the buffet then getting groceries at Dominion. Then Morgan's left and the Hudson's Bay Company came and then followed by The Bay. Eating French Fries at the King Burger on lunch hour walking from BCI. The slide - oh, So Much Fun! My first job was at The Bank Of Nova Scotia there. Great Times and fond memories.

  7. My brother went to school with John Polito of Milwaukee Sporting Goods. Saw each other a couple of years ago.

  8. I worked at Milwaukee along with Steve (above). Just happened on this because I was thinking the mall was built in 1956 but curiousity to confirm overtook me. Still not a bad little mall, my current employer is the manager, and I wonder what we will do to fill the hole that Target will be leaving in the next few months.

    JB (not JBK)

    1. Those were fun times working for Tony - great first part-time job!
      Now struggling to remember JB though...

  9. looking for info on the butcher who worked as meat manager in 1956ish..

  10. I lived not far from the Cloverdale Mall from 1959 until 1980. I remember it being outside in the very cold Toronto winters of those days. Wonderful to see the old pix, thanks!