Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Queen and Yonge/Then and Now

A publicity stunt outside the Colonial Tavern on Yonge St. I would guess the early 1960's.
The mid 1970's.
The mid 70's.
The new facade in the 1980's.
A good shot of Yonge Street in the early 1980's showing the famous Colonial Tavern.
Demolished a short time later. The bank on the left was designed by E.J. Lennox.
The bank still stands.

A Rush handbill.
A Toronto Star ad.


  1. In the mid to late sixties the Colonial was the place to see great live Jazz along with the Town Tavern shown elsewhere on your blog. I can remember sitting in these bars nursing a single bottle of Labatts as it was all I could afford,(did I really drink that rubbish?)and seeing Roland Kirk,Dizzy,Art Blakey and...the list goes on.
    Growing up in Soho I knew all that scene, but coming here and seeing my Jazz heroes live is something I'll never forget.

  2. I remember seeing the Viletones and Teenage Head play at the Colonial in the basement during punk in the mid to late '70s. I remembering ordering trays of draft beer in glasses. They let us order enough to fill the tops of the tiny round tables. I remember the crunch of broken glass beneath my tiny feet.