Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Edison Hotel R.I.P

A post card of the "Strip" from the 1960's from the Chuckman Collection.
A couple more shots of the late Edison Hotel at Yonge and Gould destroyed by a suspicious fire yesterday morning. The building to the right would later house the famous
le Coq d'Or Tavern.

A hand tinted postcard from Chuckman's Collection.
According to Lew, country music star, Tex Ritter (Father of John Ritter) played at the Edison bar in the 1960's.
There's an excellent article re: the Edison Hotel here.


  1. That fire really is so sad. I used to go to Ryerson and am familiar with the building. Yes it does look suspicious. I'm enjoying your blog since I'm a history buff, particularily of Toronto.

  2. I spent some great times in the Edison Hotel Bar in 1964 and 65. I loved the country music stars that came there an mingled with the crowd. My best memories are setting and sharing a few drinks with the likes of Cal Smith,Stonewall Jackson, and Tex Ritter. Very Sad to see it gone.Lew

  3. Thanks for the info. I was too young to have spent any time at the Edison, my first recollection is when there was a record store on the ground floor. Tex Ritter was John Ritter's father.