Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fanelli's Cafe NYC

Another must see on a NY visit is Fanelli's Cafe in Soho. It's been here since 1847 and a complete history can be found here.
The name Nicholas Gerdes can still be seen above the door painted on the transom.
In 1878 Nicholas Gerdes arrived and ran his saloon until 1902. He inscribed his name on the transom over the front door and his saloon licenses decorate the dining room wall. Gerdes was followed by Charles Hirschbein who stayed until 1905. From this date until 1922 Harry Green and his family ran the Price Cafe on the premises. In 1922 Michael Fanelli arrived and christened the cafe with its current name. The Fanelli family sold the business to the current owner, Hans Noe, in 1982.


  1. greatest place in the world. they had a waitress there that was sooo hot.


  2. You should also check out the Mulberry Street bar or as it's known "Tony's Nut House".