Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joy Gas Stations/Then and Now

I don't remember this one being here in front of tip Top Tailors.

A selection of photos of Joy Gas Stations that were located throughout the city. They've all been torn down with the exception of one that's recently been moved and restored.

Roncesvalles and Howard Park in Parkdale. I used to buy gas here.
It's now a convenience store.
St. Clair West.
Danforth and Donlands.
Queen Street East near Pape.

Construction form below of the Bloor and High Park location.
The blueprints.
According to Toronto historian Mike Filey:
"One of the smaller gas stations that I neglected to mention was Joy, a creation of Charles Austin, a businessman and entrepreneur living in Detroit. He had established the Sunny Service Oil Company in that city in 1928. Seven years later his wife Margaret crossed the border and set up a Canadian company with the same name in Windsor, Ontario. On May 16, 1936 that name was officially changed to the Joy Oil Co. Ltd. Soon there were Joy stations operating in Montreal and Windsor with the largest number right here in Toronto. A distinctive feature of all Joy stations was their small French chateau-like design. The last remaining Joy station has recently been moved from its original location at the northwest corner of Windermere and Lake Shore Blvd. to the south side of Lake Shore where it awaits a new life."
The restored station on Lakeshore near Windemere.
The old Joy Station can be seen here at the foot of Windemere during construction of the Gardiner in the late 1950's.
That's the Palace Pier Dance Hall to the bottom left.

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