Monday, January 17, 2011

Queen and James/Then and Now

Looking east along Queen Street at James circa 1910.
Another good shot of the Adams Furniture Store building.
This entire block was demolished prior to construction of the Eaton Center.
An ad from 1910.
A few pages from their 1910 catalogue.

A real Stickley chair today is worth about about $2500.
Linoleum "carpets" were quite popular back then and are extremely rare these days.


  1. Hey Greg
    I imagine you've seen this series ?
    I sent you a email, did you get it ?

  2. Oh I love those linoleum "carpets" -- my old house (built 1873) definitely used them upstairs. I found a remnant pinned under a later wall, and the original floor had a border of deep red paint that must have gone around them.

    (And I love your blog btw -- thank you so much)

  3. Thanks Nicole,
    I've got some more pages from this catalogue that I'll continue to post. When working on my house (similar vintage) I found some very decorative wallpapers hidden.