Friday, January 28, 2011

Weston Road/Then and Now

Looking north on Weston Road north of Lawrence in the early 1900's.
Quite a change but I believe the peach building on the left is the same as the one above as well as the church in the background.
Another angle on the peach coloured building.

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  1. Yes. The 'peach coloured' building is the same one seen in the circa 1910 black and white photo. The structure was for many years an undertaking business, likely as early as the 1850's when the Cruickshank family were at that time Undertakers and Cabinet Makers. At the time of the photo it was Gardhouse Undertakers. The building was extended to the south in the early 1920's and redeveloped as storefronts. As for the undertaking business it changed hands a number of times and included Richard Burling, James Gardhouse, J.A. Wight and then Ward's who relocated the business to the east side of Weston Road, and which is still in business as Werd's Funeral Home. Another long-time Weston business that started in this building is Squibb's Stationary. It took over Maurice Creswick's bookstore before later moving in the 1930's to it's present location a few doors south of the building that was at one time known as the Gardhouse Block.