Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yonge Street in the 70's

We can date these photos by the films that are playing at the theatres.
At the Downtown, Dr. Phibes Rises Again starring Vincent Price, 1972.
This theatre was built 1n 1948 and closed in 1972. The Dundas Square building now occupies the site.
The Godfather, 1972. This was the last film to be shown at the Imperial before it was converted to a Multiplex.
The Elgin's marquee says closed for renovations.....
There's an excellent article on the Yonge Street strip here at Silent Toronto.
A great postcard from Chuckman's showing the strip at night. Chuckman's Postcard Collection is a fantastic online resourse.
Another great postcard from Chuckman's, Yonge looking south from Gould, late 60's.
This block opposite Shuter will soon be demolished to make room for the new Eaton Center.
That's the Mason Riech Building in the center.
An ad from 1914.
An ad for the Imperial from 1945.
Lauren Bacall was only 17 when she made this film.

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