Friday, February 4, 2011

Agnes Street (Dundas)/Then and Now

Agnes Street, now Dundas, ran west of Yonge to University.
This photo is from 1910.
Approximate current location, the Atrium on Bay.
This area was known as the Ward and was notoriously famous as a slum.


  1. I recently discovered that my Irish gr-gr-grandparents lived on Agnes Street for over 40 years, in the late 1800s - early 1900s. Had no idea of what the conditions were like!

  2. I just found out the same thing. My Irish Great Great Grandparents lived at 10 Agnes st in and around 1889.

  3. My grandmother Jennie/Zelda lived at 18 Agnes when she first arrived in Canada with her mom and sibs in 1913, remaining through 1915 perhaps longer. The Ward was notoriously impoverished, but now I can see why her baby brother died of bronchial pneumonia in Winter 1915. Family name DAVIDSON (Jewish from Poland). Parents Mendel/Max and Sara-Devora. Connections anyone?

    1. Whoops - address was 118 Agnes St (or Lane).

  4. My great grandparents the Lobraicos lived at 19 Agnes Street in the late 1800s. They lived at several addresses in the Ward for many years. It looks like it was a really hard life.