Wednesday, February 2, 2011

College and Lansdowne/Then and Now

The triangular lot where College and Dundas meet seen here in 1939, when it was an Imperial gas station.
2010 and still a gas station.
Another angle.
Obvious signs of structural damage. College street had just been extended from it's previous terminus at Lansdowne up to meet Dundas just before the bridge.
The damage seen here could be a result of the road work.


  1. it's also the same corner where two members of the Boyd Gang shot Detective Sergeant Edmund Tong on March 6, 1952. he later died from his wounds.

    from their wiki:

    On March 6, 1952, Detective Sergeant Edmund Tong and his partner, Sergeant Roy Perry stopped a vehicle containing two men; these two men turned out to be Lennie Jackson and Steve Suchan. As Tong approached the vehicle, Suchan drew a .455 pistol and shot him and Sergeant Perry in the police car, wounding the latter in the arm. Tong died of his wounds on March 23, 1952.

  2. I think it's another gas station around the corner where the Tim Horton's is now. There're a couple of other posst on the site about the Boyd Gang. Use the search function to have a look.