Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lost Queen Street Reconstructed

Here is a series of photos from the archives stitched together to give you an idea of what the south side of Queen Street looked like between York and St Patrick in the early 1930's, before the demolition to accommodate the University Avenue extension south. There are some great details here if you take the time to examine the photos more closely.
Please click on the images to enlarge.
York Street to the left.
Continuing west. The gap between the buildings is quite a bit larger than shown.
I will correct it soon.
This block occupied the gap seen above.
Sweetman's Pet Store has a sign in the window that says
"Ordered Shut By the City
Building Coming Down
Everything Must Go!
Moving to 367 Queen St. W."
367 Queen is the current location of Silver Snail Comics......
Continuing west to Simcoe Street.
From Simcoe to opposite St. Patrick
This block hasn't changed that much when seen today.

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