Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Roncesvalles and Ritchie /Then and Now

Another postcard from Chuckman's. I can't seen to place this church on Roncesvalles...
This could be the now shot looking south down Roncesvalles past Ritchie Street in 2010.
This photo dated 2000 is from the OMDC site and could be the demolished church.
There's a good series of the Church (St. Judes Anglican Church and Parish Hall) as it was being demolished here. Thanks to Mark and Mike for their help.
The corner stone......


  1. I have this postcard, and always assumed it was what's now known (after several amalgamations) as Emmanuel-Howard Park United, but you're right - that church has no tower, and looks nothing like this from either the south or north. The only other potential candidates is the Baptist Church near Hewitt (not a chance - it has a round main structure, and no tower.) I thought perhaps it might have stood on the current site of St. Casimir's at Garden, but the church history makes no mention of a preexisting church there. This might be a job for someone like Alec Keefer.

  2. There used to be a church across from Hewitt, at Ritchie, on the east side, that was demolished a few years ago to make room for condos. That's my only other guess, which would presume that this picture was taken from the north, just by Dundas, looking south. Just a guess...

  3. I think that you're right.I've been looking for a photo of that church to confirm but haven't found on yet. For a short time in the 90's the church hall operated as a mini food market.

  4. You're exactly right. Here's some pictures I was able to get just before it was torn down, along with an adjacent KFC.

  5. Thanks Mike.
    I had a look at your photos and hope you don't mind that I've used one in the post.I'm glad that you were able to get in there and document the destruction.

  6. This is the Emmanuel High Park Church. We're looking North. It used to have a tower. I've seen it with at tower on the TPL website. You just need to look at the High Park Blvd side to confirm. The green area before it is where the High Park Library is now. Across the road from it is that nice apartment block at the corner of Fermanagh and Roncie.

  7. Thanks for the clarification.
    I was never 100% sure on this posting and will correct it.