Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Adelaide and John/Mostly Now

These classic urban townhouses (circa 1870) on the S/W corner of Adelaide on John were a pub (The Fox and Fiddle) for many years. Developers have bought up the entire block over the last few years and are now in preparation to build more condos.

It's been raised off it's foundations in preparation for a move one block south.
From Historic Toronto:
In 1870, on the west side of John Street, two homes were built. The house at 114 John Street was occupied by Charles Bender, a piano manufacturer. The residence at 116 John Street was that of Richard West – a contractor. In 1872, when more homes were constructed, the numbers 114 and 116 were changed to 86 and 88 John Street.

In 1890, the houses were again renumbered and they became 104 and 106 John Street, the numbers being retained to this day. These houses were considered substantial residences, their owners possessing excellent incomes. Their neighbour immediately to the south, at 102 John Street, was the Reverent John Barclay of St. Andrew’s Church on King Street.

Saturday August 13th Update.

The building was moved this morning across john to the east side of the street.
All in all a successful move with very little damage.
The building will remain here until the condos are built and then shifted back to it's new resting spot.


  1. It never occurred to me in all these years that they were townhouses. What a procedure! Where are they moving to?

  2. First across the street to get it out of the way and then back across the street and further south...