Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Old Bicycles Around Town

A Steamliner spotted in the Market.
A Rollfast.

Vintage CCM.
A very original Raleigh Superbe with the Dyno-Hub generator on the front wheel.
The Dyno-Hub.
A simple vintage Huffy.
The logo.
A Raleigh Tourist, Ladies' version with 28" wheels and rod and lever brakes.
A Raleigh Sports with period paint.
A modified Raleigh Superbe.


  1. There used to be an old CCM bicycle factory on Wabash Ave in parkdale.
    It was there in the late 1970's..
    I see now via google earth that it is a housing complex now.

  2. That's just around the corner from me.

  3. I lived in the area at Sorauren & Wright Ave from 1970-75 then at 10 wright ave from 1975-78
    As kids we would actually climb up upon the factory and walk around on the roof.
    The workers chased us off from time to time.
    I got a real nice sissy bar out of the dumpster once lol.
    great memories of the ppl and places in that have a fantastic blog..thankyou for your time in posting all of this :)

  4. Thanks for the Parkdale story and the kind comments.