Friday, November 4, 2011

Symes Road Destructor/Then And Now

Built in 1933, the Symes Road Destructor was quite an elegant building with Art Deco influences.
The exhaust chimneys were built first.
An impressive structure for burning garbage.
The scale....
Now abandoned and vandalized...


  1. Cool. I just found it on Google Maps at #78. I want this for my loft. I have never been on that street.

  2. we shot here on a short i 1st ad'd

    i took some pix, they are in the middle of this set:

  3. It's a grim street and area.

  4. The area isn't so grim, just that particular block is a bunch of meat processing plants and abattoirs so it smells quite bad and the noise at night is a bit distressing.