Tuesday, February 21, 2012

King And Triller/Then and Now

Triller Ave north of King in the early 1970's or so. Silverwoods Dairy was still delivering milk in their fleet of Divco delivery vans.
A current view.
A Divco ad.
The Borden's version.
The fleet stands ready.


  1. Love you pics - especially King and Triller. The Church of the Resurrection is celebrating our first 100 years as a church. We our focusing on the "lost" years of our first "decade": about 1910-1922. We have obtained a number of pics from Toronto archives and are own but still lack many of that time period; There was a much loved Silverwood's Dairy on Woodbine but I have no pics from any time period on it. Anything at all you might have or know of would help us recover some of those lost years. Peace to you.

  2. I'm sorry, I have nothing on your church and rely on the same sources you mentioned.