Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dundas and Keele Arcade Storefront

This is one of my favourite storefronts in the city. Located on Dundas just west of Keele.
Formerly May Brothers Hardware.
To the left of the main display window is a separate hall with entrances to, the apartments upstairs, another small space (bar/coffeeshop) and stairs to the basement.
Glass block (Vault Lights) in the tiled entrance way allow light into the basement which I think used to be a barbershop. These same glass blocks are found in Seattle as part of their Underground City. The blocks were originally clear but have dis-coloured over time.
Seattle Prism Glass
May Brothers is visible in this photo from 1923

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  1. I've seen the same prism glass in the older core section of Vancouver and Victoria. Mostly Victoria though. Pretty cool to see this in Toronto as.