Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Changing Face of Queen West.

 Photographer Patrick Cummins has been documenting these two storefronts on Queen for the past 25 years. Dencan Books is still in business in the Junction.
Fab's original location was further east.


  1. Bought clothes from Fab, got my hair cut at Jack's/Aristotelis for years. Helped a friend shoot a student film at the BamBoo just before it opened. It's weird going back there now - my old stomping grounds are almost unrecognizable, even if the basic architecture hasn't changed much at all.

  2. I remember the Bamboo Club when it was a real wicker store
    "The World of Wicker".

  3. That store for glasses beside the barber had an awesome sign 20 years ago. I wonder if someone kept it?

  4. Bought a jacket from fab's :) ate at the Bamboo often :)