Thursday, February 4, 2010

Occident Hall/Holiday Tavern/The Big Bop

This is Occident Hall at the South West corner of Queen and Bathurst.
The first recorded work of renowned Toronto Architect E.J. Lennox,
"Builder of Toronto"
Built in 1876 as a Masonic Lodge with shops on the ground level.

During the 60's and up to about 1984 it was known as the Holiday Tavern and helped to give the intersection it's now famous name of "F*ck Face City" as coined by Chris Houston. The Big Bop is about to close and be taken over by Crate and Barrel.
Currently there appears to be some restoration of the facade under way.
As of January 2010 the renovations have started with the
removal of the angel stone cladding and gutting years of
insensitive alterations to the interior. It will be interesting to watch the progress.

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