Thursday, February 4, 2010

Queen and Fuller/ Then and Now

The N/W corner of Queen and Fuller in 1935.
Note the delivery bicycle leaning against the telephone pole.
The same intersection today. The Fish and Chip shop is long since gone
but there's still a butcher shop in the same location.
The Cattlemen Meat Market opened in 1965 and is still going
strong today.
My Father who grew up in Parkdale writes:
" That butcher shop was a butcher shop in the 1940s (I think it was called Ontario Meats). When I was 12 to 14 I had a job as a delivery boy for the Red & White grocery store on Roncesvalles between Marion and Pearson. It was a small store and the owner would take orders for meat from his customers and then buy the meat from that butcher on a Saturday. I was sent to pick it up, usually on the store's delivery bicycle. I remember the big snow storm of 1944 when I had to walk there through waste deep snow in many places and haul the box of meat back to Roncesvalles. My memory says I carried it (maybe about 20 pounds?), but perhaps I had a toboggan to pull. I do remember it as a strenuous journey."

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