Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Original 99 Cent Roxy 1973

I've posted this before but here's a handbill from the old Roxy Theatre on the Danforth from January 1973. My Father used to take me there to see old Marx Brothers ' movies.
I've hung onto this for years....
You can see the yellowed tape on the corners where it was taped into an old scrapbook.....
If you're interested in old movie houses please visit:

If you're interested in the underground music scene from the 70's (punk) please visit:


  1. Ok - This town is getting smaller.
    I used to go to the Roxy all the time.
    I've sent Colin Bruton some handbills and worked with him in film.
    I'll email him. I'm sure he'll love the plug and the handbill.

  2. Hey Mark,
    I put this up as a little test...
    I saw your name as a contributor to Colin's site
    And yes ,if you've lived here long enough this town does get smaller.
    I too work in the film business.

  3. Hey, thanks for the plug! (and the poster)

  4. Hey, GBC -- You wouldn't happen to have a handbill for the "Dope-A-Thon" from the Roxy do you? Would love to have it for my film (currently using just a shot of a super large version of it; jpg would be much better.)

  5. Sorry Collin,
    This is the only one I had and I gave it to Eric (Silent Toronto)....