Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yonge and Carlton/Then

The S/E corner of Yonge and Carlton. The S.S. Kresge Building in the Streamline style.
Here as seen in 1950.
During subway construction in 1952.
And here a little earlier in a hand tinted postcard courtesy of Chuckman.
This appears to be from a trade magazine.
This photo from a Kresge's in Newark (1948) shows some kids
riding around the store in a monorail!
More proof that the past was better!
I haven't been on a monorail for at least five years!
Although this photo is from the Kresge's in Detroit, they all had a lunch counter somewhere in the store, usually at the back.


  1. The demolition of the Kresge store is just another example of classic Toronto stupidity. It was a masterpiece replaced by a monstrosity. Tragedy

  2. It was a great store and sadly missed.