Sunday, February 13, 2011

King And River/Then

Here's a series of photos from the archives of the south side of King Street East where it meets Queen Street at River from the early 1900's. The cuppola of the Broadview Hotel can be seen in the distance.
The Broadview Hotel.
Looking West.
Note the wagon being repaired.
Looking East. These buildings would all soon be demolished to accommodate the new intersection/bridge over the Don in 1915.
Before 1915.
Looking east. That's the Old Don Train Station in the BG that's since been relocated to Todmorten Mills. The Don Station, the last surviving station of the Belt Line built in 1899, was moved from its original location on the Don River just south of Queen Street starting on August 2, 1969. Two days later, the three pieces of the station were reassembled at its new location in Todmorden Mills.
The Station today.
A wider shot looking east along King.
From across the Don River looking west.

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