Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lost Toronto By William Dendy

For anyone that's interested in pursuing Toronto's history and digging a little deeper, this book by William Dendy is highly recommended. Lost Toronto published in 1978 provides a fascinating look at Toronto as it used to be with incredible attention to detail.
There is a vendor at The St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market who usually has a copy for sale.
Also highly recommended is Toronto Architecture by Patricia McHugh.
This book includes several walking tours around the downtown core.


  1. The question should be' What has the past ever done for me except inform the future?'

  2. That statement comes form a teacher I had in High School, Mr. Hildebrand. He taught history and geography and I thought he was a funny guy.....
    I should post a better image of the Lost Toronto cover. I'll scan my copy and post.