Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ford Model T Assembly Plant on Dupont Street.

Ford of Canada began assembling cars at this purpose built factory on Dupont Street in 1915. The cars were shipped here in kit form by rail and assembled. There was a test track on the roof and the ground floor was the showroom. Ford sold the building in 1924 and transferred the operation to the Danforth. Being an efficient man and disliking waste, even the dimensions of the shipping crates for parts were strictly specified as the crates themselves were incorporated into the floors of the cars being assembled.
The Factory and Showroom in 2010.

A shot of the ground floor showroom.
An interesting photo from the archives that prompted this article.
Labelled Dupont and Christie 1912?, it shows what appears to be a brand new Model T
overturned in a ditch. It's quite possible that a customer, having taken delivery of his new car promptly crashed it outside the factory. It's just speculation of course but the salesmen at McBride Cycle on Dundas had countless stories of customers wrecking their new motorcycles right in front of the showroom.


  1. The car pictured is from 1909 or 1910.

  2. Very neat pictures, thanks for sharing them. Especially the one of the wrecked Model T. I wish you had more of the story behind that one. The bottom of the picture says "see over" I wonder if there is more info on the back of it. You don't have access to the original, do you? Anyways, thanks for posting, I love nostalgic pics like these!

  3. FORD had used Canada to export his cars assembled here to get them into places like Australia and were Right hand drive. This system bypassed the importing rules from the USA because the car was now deemed as Made In Canada and sent by cargo ships from a British Nation to another British Nation.
    I lived near the Victoria Park and Danforth area the Ford plant was moved to, there are railway lines there and quick access to Highway 2 for shipping by truck or rail. The Shopper's World Plaza was built on the land where the Plant was and during a recent conversion from a Zeller's store to Target store the basement project uncovered part of the FORD building. The Plaza was at ground level and I don't remember any lower levels other than the Bowling Alley area that wasn't very big.

  4. Shoppers World is largely a use of repurposed Ford plant buildings. I have a picture, but can't see how I'd post it here to discussion.