Thursday, February 17, 2011

Parkdale Collegiate/Then and Now

Parkdale Collegiate 1905.
From Wikipedia:
Parkdale High School opened in the Masonic Hall on Dowling Avenue in 1888. When the town of Parkdale was annexed to the City of Toronto a year later in 1889, Parkdale High School moved to its new residence on Jameson Avenue where it became the Jameson Avenue Collegiate Institute, and later the Jameson Collegiate Institute. In 1910, the school was renamed to its present name of Parkdale Collegiate Institute. The original building served until 1928 and then demolished while the school moved to the present structure which was completed in 1929. The school has had two additions, the most recent in the 1960s. Parkdale is the second oldest secondary school in the old City of Toronto.
Another postcard from the Chuckman Collection. Parkdale Collegiate.
Again, from Chuckman.
The current school. My father was the Head Boy in 1951 and my Aunt Margaret, the Head Girl.

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