Thursday, March 24, 2011

KIng Street West/Then and Now

From 1925, this elegant apartment building is under construction on King Street at Beaty Avenue. At the time living in an apartment was considered quite grand.


  1. There was an apartment building nearby, on Queen just by Roncescalles, that actually had a roof garden cafe, at least according to a Parkdale history I once read. You'd have a hard time believing that today if you saw the place, which has been extensively altered. Amazing to think that Parkdale was once that luxurious.

  2. Up until the 1950's Parkdale was as refined as Rosedale. It was after the destruction of the southern part of Parkdale that the area statrted to decline.
    The large homes south of King started to be divided into smaller units and rooming houses. The proximity to the mental Institution was another factor.
    Today, however, Parkdale continues to be a desirable and vibrant neighbourhood.