Sunday, May 15, 2011

The George Brown House/Then and Now

A crowd outside waits for news after the shooting in 1880.

Construction of the Brown’s residence began in 1874, and the family took possession of their new home in 1876. His enjoyment of the new home was short-lived as a disgruntled former employee from The Globe attacked Brown in his office and shot him. The leg wound became infected and brought about Brown’s death. After Brown’s death in 1880, his widow Ann remained in the house until 1886, when she returned to Scotland.

Thereafter, the house was purchased by Duncan Coulson, general manager of the Bank of Toronto in 1891. His family remained there until 1920 when the home was sold to the Pearson Hall for Blind Soldiers. In 1924, Pearson Hall was taken over by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. In 1955, the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto bought the property.

Before the restoration in 1983.
A current view.

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