Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Yonge Street in the 1960's and 1970's

The Edison Hotel, (formerly the Empress Hotel).
the Biltmore Theatre looking south to the Brown Derby at Dundas.
A postcard from United De Forest Cleaners seen in the previous photo, courtesy of the Chuckman Collection.
Le Coq d'Or, the Edison and Sam the Record Man!
Cinema 2000 and Starvin' Marvin's.
The Colonial during the pedestrian mall.
The Town Tavern.
Hey man, be cool.


  1. Toronto was so much cooler back then! I'm still bummed Ryerson tore down Sam The Record Man - as if they couldn't have used the facade.

  2. They did save the sign. I'm not sure who has it though.Once the sign was removed the remaining facade was pretty rough after years of modifications. but you're right it was much cooler back then.

  3. I have been looking for a photo of the Town Tavern for years. In 1975
    I had a studio at 14 Queen E which is the door just left of the Town
    entrance. The 2nd fl was home to the Mother Necessity Jazz Club run
    by Ted and Katherine Moses. The 3rd fl was a large painting studio.
    The 4th fl was a live in space for the composer Lubomyr Melnyk. Every
    night we had live music, great memories!

  4. Hi there, great photos! Are they for public use?? :)