Sunday, May 8, 2011

Toronto, People City.

The station sign off video about Toronto from the 80's from the original City TV channel 79.
Toronto, People City. It's a great song by Tommy Ambrose.

Tommy Ambrose.

One of Canada's most versatile popular singers and songwriters, Tommy Ambrose starred in his own half-hour show of music, variety, dance, and comedy. Produced by Stan Harris (196l-62) and Bill Davis (1962-63), and written by Stan Jacobson and Bernie Rothman, in addition to Ambrose and his guests the program featured an eight voice chorus, under the direction of Gordon Kushner, and a twenty-five piece orchestra conducted by Lucio Agostini, with arrangements by Rick Wilkins. Choreography for the show was by Glen Gibson.

During the summer of 1962, the network presented a dozen repeats from the previous season, under the title, The Best Of Tommy Ambrose.

Here's his sign off for Global TV.

A clip from his CBC show from 1962.


  1. You realize that there's a whole generation that need to have the whole idea of a "sign off spot" explained to them, right?

  2. I never thought of that. When did TV go to 24 hours? I'm sure some stations still shut down at 3:00 am or so...

  3. If there are, it's rare - it's more profitable to rent out the wee hours to infomercial spots, or run syndicated re-runs. Of course, this will all be meaningless when the idea of scheduled broadcast programming finally becomes too anachronistic to survive.

  4. He lived on the street my wife grew up on.
    Dukinfield Cres.

  5. He's got a great set of pipes!