Friday, March 30, 2012

Queen and Jameson / Then and Now

Queen and Jameson looking south in the late 1930's, when it was a quiet tree lined street.
Again, a few years later in 1950. Some of the trees have disappeared and the street has been widened to accommodate the increased post-war traffic. The house on the right is slowly
being incorporated into the Toronto Dominion Bank building.
Today the intersection is an absolute mess. Thanks to our city planners this is now one of the most confusing intersections in the city for both drivers and pedestrians alike.
All of the houses on Jameson have been replaced by apartment buildings and as an access point to the Gardiner Expressway it's a heavily travelled route.
The apartment building to the left, The Connaught with the portico removed.


  1. Wow! What a difference. Can't believe this intersection was once so beautiful. We love your art work. You've been busy. Thanks for dropping by the studio.

  2. Thank you Paul. Please send me whatever stories or notes you might have about the building your studio is in as well as your website address.