Friday, March 30, 2012

Sorauren and Fern/Then and Now

Another listing from May 1979. A corner store on the N/W corner of Sorauren and Fern listed for $53,000 with taxes of $708. What do you think this property would cost today?
The Inflation Calculator says that it SHOULD cost $166,414.51 to buy in 2012.
It's actually closer to $900,00.00 in today's market.
In 2010 the store is gone and the ground floor is an apartment.
This clip from the 1912 City Directory has George Boadway, barber, listed and I know from talking to long time neighbours that there was a barbershop at the back for years.


  1. Sorauren was a retail hub once - all the evidence of corner lot businesses you're digging up is proof of what many of us who lived there have always suspected. Until a few years ago, we lived above what was once a butcher shop (now a cafe) at Sorauren and Wright; three sides of the intersection were obviously once businesses at the ground level, back in the day when "shop local" often meant shopping within a few dozen yards of your front door.

  2. You're right, every intersection seemed to have a small corner store that we who live around here take for granted. If you live in the suburbs even a quart of milk involves a drive in the car. When I first moved in the building across from you was a small laundromat and I've heard from neighbours that before that it was a small hardware store that closed down because the owner was messing around with kids. I've got some other photos of old corner stores that I'll re-post as a group.

    1. The laundromat was once Arts Hardware store.The corner store was Cox's pharmacy.
      The store beside Arts was a chinese laundry store.
      Across the street corner store was a hairdresser beside that was Dominc's grocery store after was changed to chester's grocery store.
      From M.T.P. lived there from 1952 to 1973

  3. Excellent information. Any photos or more insight?

  4. sorry no photos.
    What insight do you want to know about. The stores or factories.
    Or the houses or the lost delievery trucks anyone remember them?? Or why the people really moved away.

  5. Well there are quite a few posts here about Parkdale. I've lived in the area since the early 80's and both my parents grew up here. If you have any stories about places or events I think people would be interested.

  6. Why did the people move away? And which people?

  7. I lived on Wright Avenue growing up and I still remember running up the length of the street to Sorauren just to catch the ice cream truck. I think the business on the southwest corner of the intersection was a hardware store at that time. I remember two or three houses down from the store was a house with the most amazing Christmas decorations. Every year they'd put up a Santa's sleigh and carefully perch it atop their front yard tree so that it would look like it was flying. Good memories.