Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lakeshore Motel Strip/Vintage Postcards/Then

A selection of photos and vintage postcards from the former motel strip on the Lakeshore between the Humber and Parklawn. These are all gone now with the exception of a few. The Hillcrest was torn down last year and I'm sure the rest will follow soon. We used to film there frequently. They've been replaced by sprawling condominium complexes.
The Hillcrest in 2009.

The Hillcrest.

Postcards are from the Chuckman Collection.

Here's a shot of the strip even before the motels were built, 1929. This area is now occupied by the TTC Humber Loop.
A postcard from the 1960's from the Chuckman Collection.

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  1. I'd like to hope that someone has saved the neon sign from the Seahorse, at the very least. My pessimism about this sort of thing doubts it, however.