Saturday, February 19, 2011

Malton and Island Airports/Then

A nice collection of vintage postcards from the Chuckman Collection of Malton Airport up until the 1970's.
The original terminal and control tower was a converted farmhouse that was used from 1938-1949.
It was then replaced by this, the second terminal that was in use until the mid 1960's when it was demolished and replaced.

A Lockheed Constellation.
This Constellation spent it's later years as a restaurant on Derry Road before it was sold to the
Museum of Flight in Seattle where it was restored and is now on display.
The third terminal was completed in 1964. This terminal considered state of the art when built, was demolished in 2003 and replaced yet again.
Terminal One in 1973.
A new 747 at Terminal One.
A great shot at night.
Toronto Island Airport in 1939.
A vintage postcard of the Island Airport.
The Terminal at Toronto's Island Airport is a near duplicate of the original at Matlon.
Island Airport in the early 1950's.
The control tower with the original vertical windows.
The sloped windows were installed in 1963.
Before the Porter expansion.

Some vintage film of the Lockheed Constellation crash landing (nothing horrific) in the 1950's plus a flight fashion newsreel.


  1. Isn't that recent shot of the Island Airport from a flight simulator video game? That view, of the rear of the building from the tarmac, is completely blocked now by the new Porter terminal, by the way.

  2. Thanks, I put this one together rather quickly.
    I will look for a better image. I should have taken a picture when I had the chance.

  3. I remember taking a City Express flight out of the airport to Newark in the '80s - waiting in what's now the Druxy's in the old terminal, then walking out to the apron to board the noisy Dash 8. Even then it felt like an endangered experience.

  4. At Malton, before the Aeroquay in 1964, was there a terminal after the 1939 one that looked like the Island terminal? In the photo with the Lockheed Constellation, the terminal says Toronto Malton. Is this the 2nd terminal at Malton, the one they used until the old Terminal 1 was built?

  5. Good questions. The third photo in the blog is the Malton "twin" of the Island Airport. Perhaps the other terminal (first photo and w/ Constellation) is a freight terminal. I can't say for sure.

  6. I think the terminal that says "Toronto - Malton", with the Constellation, opened in 1949 and replaced the original one built in 1937. I remember using this terminal in 1963 to take a Trans-Canada Airlines Vanguard to Montreal. People used to go to roof to watch TCA's new DC-8s and watch the construction of Terminal 1 (Aeroquay).
    - Remi, Hamilton, Ont.

  7. When I was young and a boy scout our troop arranged to take a short flight around the city it was the first time I was in a plane (1968) I remember seeing people parked beside the highway watching the planes take off and land.It's hard to imagine there was a time when travelling by air was quite glamourous....