Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Honest Ed's and Markham Street/Then

Honest Ed's in the late 1960's when he had the revolving "beach Balls". I actually worked here for a short time after school in the late 1970's....
Markham Village in the late 1960's.

Postcards courtesy of the Chuckman Collection.
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  1. Revolving beach balls? You have got to be kidding - that is amazing.

  2. Not real beach balls but that's what they looked like!

  3. very nostalgic photos...shows how Honest Ed's has been a mainstay in Toronto culture. we just released a music video that pays tribute to the store- the style of the signpainting was especially featured in the imagery...we fell in love with it during the shoot

    If you're interested the video is on Vimeo at

  4. I watched your video and enjoyed it.. Believe it or not I used to work at Honest Ed's after school (High School) stocking shelves etc.