Monday, June 14, 2010

Parkdale Twins

This house on Sorauren has a twin....
....on Macdonnel. Except the plan for this one is reversed.

Parkdale/Then and Now

A very nice postcard from 1910 looking east along Queen from O'Hara Avenue.
Skip ahead 100 years and a lot of changes, although the north side of the street is relatively intact. the bank has been replaced by a Dollarama and of course too many cars on the road.

Queen and Parliament Pt.2/Then and Now

The south west corner of Parliament and Queen in 1914. Note the horse trough as well as the public washrooms. The furniture store has big second story display windows.
And today it's still a furniture store.. Marty Millionaire.
Another view, note the awnings.
An ad for the Home Furniture and Carpet Co. from 1911.

Queen and Parliament/Then and Now

Looking south on Parliament towards Queen Street East in 1959.
The building on the right with the "Drugs" sign is the former Rupert Hotel.
Built in the late 1870's it was considered one of the better hotels in the area.
In the late 1980's there was a tragic fire there that claimed 10 lives.
You can see the hotel sign on the side of the building.