Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lakeshore and Mimico/Then and Now

Looking west along Lakeshore from Mimico in 1928.
Two months later and a second streetcar track has been added. and the street has been widened.
Substantial work, considering it took two years to replace the tracks on Roncesvalles

Lakeshore and Mimico/Then and Now

Looking east along Lakeshore at Mimico 1927.

Lakeshore and Parklawn/Then and Now

Mimico Bridge 1910.
Mimico Bridge 1910.
Mimico Bridge 1927.
Looking west along Lakeshore Road from Parklawn in 1930 towards the Mimico Creek bridge.
2010.The left side of the photo is all land fill.

Scarlett and Hill Garden/Then and Now

Scarlett Road looking north towards Hill Garden in 1957 when it was still somewhat rural.
Scarlett Road was named after John Scarlett the original land owner.
Runnymeade is named after the house he built at Dundas and Keele.
John Scarlett.

Lawrence and Scarlett/Then and Now

Looking east across the Lawrence Bridge that crosses the Humber River after a washout during Hurricane Hazel in 1954.
A similar vantage point in 2010.