Friday, January 27, 2012

King and John/Then and Now

The N/E corner of King and John on a snowy day in the early 60's.

The Eclipse Whitewear Building (1903) is significant as one of the earliest warehouses constructed on the former Upper Canada College campus on Russell Square, where the company produced children's and ladies' underwear for over half a century.

Today and not too much has changed.
Looking east along King across John in the late 1970's with the King's Plate Diner on the S/E corner. Breakfast Special...$1.10! Farb's Car Wash is on the N/W corner, now the Bell Lightbox.
A current view.

The Queensway/Then and Now

Another demolished Reliance gas station at the S/W corner of the Queensway and Parklawn in the late 1950's.
A current view.

Fallow Farmhouse

This abandoned/ruined farmhouse is located north of the city on Leslie. Once clad in brick this is all that remains.

A hundred and fifty years worth of paint on a simple door casing.

Abandoned Farmhouses/Toronto Outskirts