Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Old Sorauren Store Update/Going, Going, Gone

This old corner store on Sorauren finally closed down recently after 40 years of business.
The old Ukranian lady that ran the place made most of her money from cigarettes and bootlegging beer out the back door. The interior is virtually untouched as the exterior signage.
The day it sold someone came in a and stripped all of the vintage displays and pushbars .

The store has recently re-opened as an organic plant store.
Sadly the interior of the store was ripped out last week....

The final days....
 The bin arrived last week so I knew the store's days were numbered..
I came home last night after work to find the entire facade of the store ripped out.
I had a look in the bin for anything salvageable but the workers had gone at it like rottweilers at a cat show.
And so it goes.

Cool Cars Around Town

 A 1936 Ford with right hand drive...

Parkdale House Restoration

This Parkdale house is currently receiving a very tasteful restoration of the front porch and facade. Including some expensive copper work.