Friday, January 28, 2011

St. Clair West/Then and Now

A very attractive vintage storefront, Danforth Radio, located on St Clair West sometime in the late 1950's.
Now it's Centro. A great selection of Italian products and they have a good hot table at the back

Weston Road/Then and Now

Looking north on Weston Road north of Lawrence in the early 1900's.
Quite a change but I believe the peach building on the left is the same as the one above as well as the church in the background.
Another angle on the peach coloured building.

Old Inn on Weston Road

This old inn at the corner of Weston and St. Philips Road has been boarded up for years and I hope that the owners will restore. Structurally it appears to be in great shape and is definetly worth saving.

House Move Weston

Moving a house used to fairly common in Toronto before all the powerlines went up. This photo appears to be from the 1940's and was taken in Weston. The street sign on the house refers to Church Street in Weston. It's moving up Weston Road (streetcar tracks) and is small enough to fit under the streetcar power line.

Ryerson and Wolseley/Then and Now

The N/E corner of Wolseley and Ryerson Ave. in 1939.
The same corner in 2010.

Robinson Street/Then and Now

This little semi would soon be replaced.
By a Church and Manse.
The only shot I've found of the old Firehall on Claremont south of Robinson.
This is looking west towards Claremont.
Looking at these houses in fact on the N/W corner of Claremont and Cocker in 1940.
Which soon would be demolished and replaced with...
This Church.
The same Church today.

Robinson Street/Then and Now

May, 1942.
Three months later.
2010 and the first house has lost it's gable and gained an unattractive porch.

Robinson Street/Then and Now

This three unit row house was falling apart in 1940. Note the Laundry in the last unit.
One year later.
By 2010 the right hand unit has been demolished but the other two remain.

Robinson and Palmerston/Then and Now

The N/W corner of Robinson and Palmerston in 1939. When it was a corner store.

Palmerston /Then and Now

These board and stucco cottages on Palmerston are in need of repair. If you look closely you can see that they don't have foundations or basements.
Three years later.
And they survive today.

Palmerston and Wolseley/Then and Now

The east side of Palmerston at Wolseley in 1940. This row of cottages was in need of renovations.Five months later and the work has been completed.
2010 and still going strong.

Sunnyside Souvenir

A rare glass vase souvenir from Sunnyside Amusement Park circa 1942.
For more information look for Mike Filey's excellent book "I Remember Sunnyside".

Vintage Airplanes

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