Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Old Store Fronts/Toronto

Dundas and Bathurst/Then and Now

Looking west along Dundas at Bathurst, June 1950.2010.
The S/W corner looking west.2010.

Dundas and Dufferin/Then and Now

Looking east along Dundas from Dufferin in 1953.The same view in 2010.
Looking north up Dufferin from Dundas in 1949.
The same view in 1951 after the road was widened.2010.
Looking south in 1949.Looking south in 1951

Arnprior /The Ottawa Valley

John Street in 1909.

One reason to visit Arnprior (Arn-land of, Prior-the Priory) is a stop at Wes' Chips located on the main road into town. The chip wagon has been here for at least 40 years and still attracts long lines of tourists and locals. The secret to a good chip is to only cook potato chips in the oil and nothing else.
Also located in Arnprior is the old O'Brien Theatre. Built in 1919, it's a survivor.
The O'Brien in 1930.
The O'Brien Theatre in 2010