Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gravenhurst Gas/Art Moderne

An interesting Art Deco gas station in Gravenhurst, Ontario.
Perhaps it's a former B/A (British American) dealership.

Here's a survivor on Davenport at the top of Ossington.

Roy's Automotive Queen West/Then and Now

924 Queen West in 1984 by Patrick Cummins.

Bathurst and Lennox/Then and Now

The N/E corner of Bathurst and Lennox as seen by Patrick Cummins in 1984.
2010 and the original building remains buried underneath the make over.

Stewart Street/Then and Now

The north side of Stewart St. looking west from Portland 1913. A row of worker's cottages.
These were in turn replaced by this Art Deco apartment in the 1930's.
The small church on the left which had served the soldiers at Fort York was torn down about 8 years ago.
Photos by Patrick Cummins 1983.
2010, a different type of workers cottage/apartment.
There was time when the average working person could afford to buy their own home, even if it was a small row house. Now people are lucky to afford a 500 square foot box to call their own without the luxury of land ownership.
This is progress?

Bathurst and Queen/Then and Now

The west side of BAthurst just south of the Paddock as shot by Patrick Cummins in 1984.
A classic example of Art Moderne or Streamline style. Later the office section operated as a speakeasy.
It was replaced by this in the early 1990's.