Friday, February 4, 2011

Gerrard and Jones/Then and Now

A news stand on the N/E corner of Gerrard and Jones as seen in 1937.
Operated by T. Beale "the Crippled News Agent".
The building in the background is the old Riverdale Collegiate

Danforth and Jones/Then and Now

The S/E corner of Danforth and Jones seen here in 1952.
Fifty nine years later and it's still a Dry Cleaner.
The old signs were better.

Davies Avenue/Then and Now

Another little Ontario Cottage on Davies Ave. in 1938.
Replaced by this factory less than a year later.
The Standard Bedding Company.
And it's still here in 2010.

The Old Don Jail

Some original plans for the Don Jail (The Toronto Jail) from the archives.

Dundas and St. Patrick/Then and Now

Looking east along Dundas from the corner of St. Patrick in 1953.
Before Dundas was united as a continuous street this part was called St Patrick Street and
today's St. Patrick was called William Street.
2010 and barely recognizable.
O'Keefe Beer offices.

Agnes Street (Dundas)/Then and Now

Agnes Street, now Dundas, ran west of Yonge to University.
This photo is from 1910.
Approximate current location, the Atrium on Bay.
This area was known as the Ward and was notoriously famous as a slum.

Cherries Jubilee!

Just a funny photo from the archives.....
She certainly seems excited.