Thursday, April 7, 2011

Danforth and Dawes Road/Then and Now

The north side of Danforth east of Dawes Rd. in the early 1960's. There appears to have been an accident and the police are investigating.
The opposite side of the street.

College and Dovercourt/Bank Robbery/Then

The S/W corner of College and Dovercourt in 1965 or so. These photos from the York University Archives were taken just after the Bank was robbed.
I assume these cars were damaged by the get away vehicle.
Today it's a Starbucks, who's robbing who now?

Miss British Motors/1966

Where is Austin Powers when you need him?
A great 60's image with the newly completed City Hall in the BG from
the York University Archives.

Kensington Market in the 1950's

Another good series from the York University Archives.
Yes, you could buy live chickens and have them killed while you watched! They didn't stop doing this until the early 1980's.
A Rag and Bone Man with a horse drawn cart.
Baldwin and Augusta.

This one's backwards..
I'll shoot some now photos when it warms up a bit.

Used Car Lots on the Danforth/1955

A nice collection from the York University Archives circa 1955.
Thanks to Mark Moore for the tip.

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