Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grotesque Prosthetic Head

For some reason this prosthetic head was for sale at the St. Lawrence Antique Market today. Perhaps it's from one of the zombie movies filmed here in the last few years....

Vintage CCM Galaxie Bicycle/Supercycle

What appears to be an early 70's Supercycle made in Japan.

The CCM Galaxie ladies version with the correct two-tone saddle seat.
A CCM accessory page year unknown.

Vintage Pioneer Tube Receiver Early 1960's

This early 1960's Pioneer tube receiver sold today at the St. Lawrence Antique Market for $500.00 or so. It appears to have been never used and was in mint condition.
Not sure of the model, could be a SM B200....
or an SM Q300 from 1961 or so.