Thursday, November 3, 2011

Avenue and Davenport/Then and Now Mash

Art Deco Motorcycle

A Henderson Motorcycle from the mid 1930's.

College and Lansdowne/Then and Now

Looking north up Lansdowne across College sometime in the 1940's.
A Photoshop experiment. For more on the famous shoot out with the Boyd Gang that took place here in 1954, click here.

Christie and Davenport/Then and Now

Listed in the Archives as 236 Christie Street from 1921, This little cottage appears in a rural setting.
A wide shot reveals it's location on the west side of Christie just south of Davenport road before the area was developed.
An approximate current view.

St. Clair and Christie/Then and Now Plus

St. Clair west of Christie 1910.
Impossible to place exactly now, just a guess.
A composite.

Dupont and Christie/Then and Now and In Between

Looking north up Christie form Dupont in 1915 at the newly completed subway (underpass). The building on the left is the Ford Model T factory.

Through the mist of time.

Christie and Davenport/Then and Now and In Between

Looking north up Christie across Davenport in the winter of 1916.
A current view.

Sometime in between...

Christie and Davenport/Then and Now and In Between

Looking east on Davenport across Christie in 1916.
Somewhere in between.

Dupont and Clinton/Then and Now and In Between

Looking east along Dupont from Clinton in the fall of 1926.
A mix of the two. The house/corner store on the right was used to "anchor" the two photos.

Two Old Gas Stations/Then

I'm unable to locate these two gas stations but they're somewhere in the Six Points area.
The same design as above still stand on Queen East near Pape.
Photo by HKD.

Dundas and KIpling/Then and Now

Dundas West just east of Kipling in the early 1960's. I'm not 100% on the now picture below but it's a close match...